Who is behind Together for Health and Wellness?


Meet Emily Daniels, MSN, CRNP!

Emily is a board certified nurse practitioner that has practiced in an array of specialties as a RN over the last seven years. 

Although things may look glamorous from the outside Emily has suffered from random illnesses since she can remember. During her masters in nursing education she found functional medicine; a type of medicine that looks at the root cause of your symptoms and focuses a lot on the healing power of food and supplements.

She instantly fell in love and began healing her own body through changing her food choices, improving sleep hygiene (*examples: going to bed at a decent time, turning electronics, etc.) and reducing stress. Now she is ready to share her knowledge and assist you on your journey!

Emily has 3 beautiful children with her loving husband and spends most of her time outside of the business, caring for her children and helping others on their journey to health and wellness. Emily also enjoys a good movie or a walk by the pond with her ducks.

If you are looking for a Medical Provider who cares about your overall well being Emily is here to help you on your health journey. 

Meet Amanda Halie!

Amanda Haile is a board-certified Functional Nutrition Counselor with 9 years of experience in the health and nutrition space. With a MS in Exercise Physiology, the focus of her education was on affect (feelings & motivation) around exercise and nutrition. 

Her processional career began as a Diabetes Specialist for a pharmaceutical company for 6 years followed by 2 years as a medical device specialist, working with Neuro- and orthopedic surgeons who performed spine surgeries. While her interests were always focused on disease prevention through lifestyle and nutrition, working in the conventional medicine space ignited her passion for preventative health as she witnessed this was a huge piece of the puzzle missing from the conventional model of care. 

Determined to keep rare genetic diseases at bay in her own life and help others prevent their own illnesses, Amanda jumped ship from conventional to functional healthcare. She returned to school where she became a Functional Nutrition Counselor and is currently working through a second program to deepen her clinical acuity. Her signature style of care focuses on disease state as a symptom of a deeper-rooted issue(s). She will ask why sickness developed and work untangle the knots where illness began. Through individualized, strategic approaches, roots of illness will identified, targeted, and removed to create a lifestyle of real health and healing.

Meet Debby Masich!

Debby is a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor and has received Board Certification from the  American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She has also completed courses in Therapeutic  Nutrition and Supplementation, and Food, Nutrition, and Health. 

Hi! I’m Debby Masich. As a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor, I fill the gap between doctors and  patients by educating my clients about making healthier food and lifestyle choices based on their unique  needs. We’ll work with the things you have control over every day – diet, supplements, sleep, exercise,  relaxation, and more. My goal is to help you establish realistic and sustainable improvements.  As a young child, I was inspired by my mother taking control of her healthcare after a cancer diagnosis at  40. In addition to conventional treatments, she applied an approach that improved our family’s  nutrition, included relaxation techniques, and, perhaps most powerful, a positive mindset. She survived  longer than was expected 30 years ago. This ignited a lifelong fire in me to learn about alternative and  integrative healthcare resources. 

For years I experienced depression, anxiety, and digestive issues resulting in multiple prescriptions and  over-the-counter medication guessing.  

Although I was eating healthy and exercising, I felt stuck. Through Functional Nutrition, I understand  now that the root of my symptoms could be hidden in my food and lifestyle. Getting to the root was not  just about the right supplements, exercises, and healthy food. Stress and emotions can affect health just  as much as food does.  

I know that doing the work isn’t always easy, but it is possible and worth every step!