What do we offer?

As a full-service Functional Medicine Health & Wellness Center, we focus on root cause resolution. This means we consider more than just the symptoms you are presenting with and ask why those symptoms arose in the first place. We work with you to develop a comprehensive picture of you as a whole person then work collaboratively to resolve the triggers that lead to symptoms or disease. 

Our board-certified Nurse Practitioner, Emily Daniels, is able to assess, order testing, diagnose, and write prescriptions allowing you to receive a care plan unique to you and your health goals. 

Our Certified Functional Nutrition Counselors, Amanda Halie and Deb Masich, are here to help you identify, implement, and follow through on lifestyle and nutritional changes that are needed for true root cause resolution. For many clients, a collaboration between all three providers will ensure an in depth and successful path leading to improved and optimal health. 

Currently we are only offering services to Pennsylvania residents. We are working diligently to add more states to expand our services so we can help everyone on their health journeys!


Initial appointment

During this appointment we will get to know each other. We will discuss your past medical history, medications, goals and the struggles you may be having with your health.


Follow up

Every patient needs ongoing care and follow up! This  visit is to continue our journey, and tweak our plan as needed. 

20 minutes

Free 15 minute Consult!

Want to see if Functional Medicine is for you? Give our free 15  minute consultation a try!

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IV Infusion Therapy

Together for Health & Wellness is excited to offer IV Therapies intended for a multitude of health concerns! IV Therapy is a fast & effective way to recieve benefits from vitamins and minerals that will start working for your benefit immediately.

Healthy Food

Dehydration Relief


Blend of fluid and electrolytes for quick hydration

Mini: $100

Max: $150

INGREDIENTS: IV Fluids, Electrolytes

Healthy Morning

Myer's Cocktail


Classic blend of IV fluids, vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes to support a wide range of concerns like fibromyalgia, cold & flu, allergies, fatigue, depression and much more!

Mini: $175

Max: $225

INGREDIENTS: B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Magnesium

Healthy Food

Immunity Blend


ur special blend of vitamin C, B complex and Zinc to help support immunity before, during or after illnesses.

Mini: $200

Max: $225

INGREDIENTS: B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Glutathione Push

Healthy Food

Migraine Relief

Blend of magnesium, B12, B1, IV fluids, electrolytes and Lidocaine to ease the pain associated with migraines!

Mini: $150

Max: $200

Healthy Food

Vitamin B12 & D Injections

Deficient in these vitamins? Use these to reverse deficiencies and promote energy, weight loss, and boost mood!

$25 per injection


Our own Weight loss program!

Have you struggled with weight loss? Stubborn pounds that will not budge no matter what? There could be a reason! Together for Health & Wellness is excited to offer a medical weight loss program, partnering with other specialists like a mental health specialist, a health coach, and a functional nutrition counselor to achieve your goals in an attainable and sustainable way. Together we will identify underlying causes for weight gain and the inability to lose weight like thyroid conditions, vitamin deficiencies, and trauma. Our 8 week program is designed to find the root cause, and support change. This program is personalized to you, your lifestyle and your goals. 


Cost of lab work - Covered by most insurances



Want to book an appointment?


Want to book an appointment?