Patient resources

Here are some resources that can assist anyone on their journey through improving their overall health!

We endorse them and so does the Institute of Functional Medicine!

Patient Resources


Jeff Bland, PhD  |  The Disease Delusion (HarperCollins; 2015)  |
Mark Hyman, MD  |  Eat Fat, Get Thin (Hachette; 2016)  |
Amy Myers, MD  |  The Autoimmune Solution (HarperCollins; 2015)  |
David Perlmutter, MD  |  The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan (Hachette; 2016)  |
Thomas A. Sult, MD  |  Just Be Well (RTC Publishing; 2013)  |
Terry Wahls, MD  |  The Wahls Protocol (Avery; 2014)  |


Bulletproof Radio  |
The Functional Medicine Radio Show With Dr. Carri  |
Health, Nutrition and Functional Medicine – Dr. Ruscio Radio  |
Kara Fitzgerald  |


Amelia Freer |
Julie Briley, ND, & Courtney Jackson, ND | Food As Medicine Everyday 
The Doctor’s Kitchen  |
Foodie Farmacist |
Tom Malterre, MS, CN, & Alissa Segersten |